Top 5 reasons to own a Global Positioning System (GPS)

22Many people nowadays own a Global Positioning System a.k.a “GPS”, but a lot of people don’t actually own a GPS, they use their phone’s built in GPS to navigate. Why would you ever use a gps computer device over your phone’s very own built in gps? Well let’s find out.

1. Battery) the one reason which I believe to be the strongest reason, is battery life. Now most of you are quite familiar with phones and their battery life, many of which have horrible battery life that runs out quickly. The benefit of electronic devices that don’t have rechargeable batteries is obviously, you can just plug them in, or use a long lasting battery and they work for as long as you want… A computer, television, gps, toaster, etc. will have nearly unlimited battery life. Now a phone has a rechargeable battery, and for many phones it has a small charge. Some can do very well, some examples being the One Plus One, with a 13 hour battery life, the iPhone 6 with a 10 hour battery life, and the Samsung galaxy S5, also with a 10 hour battery life. The average for phones is around 8 hours, though. With a GPS, however, you can have it in your car and not need to do anything relating to batteries for over a year, much like a Computer. Keep that in mind when using your phone as a GPS, because if it runs out of battery life, and you’re lost, it could be incredibly dangerous.

2. Pop-ups) While using a phone, pop-ups can occur while you’re trying to use it as a GPS. Just like on the Computer, pop ups can and will occur while you’re using your phone, they are mainly phone calls, but some other applications can cause a pop-up for your phone. Just imagine, you’re driving down the freeway, and all of a sudden you get a phone call and then miss an exit. You now have an extra 2 hours on your drive because of a phone call.

3. Viewing accessibility) Many of you who have used a phone as a GPS will know that it is pain painstakingly hard, and dangerous to glance at your phone to see where you are going. With a gps, however, some of them have 6-8 inch screens, and you can mount them on your windshield, which makes it very easy to quickly glance at and make sure you’re going the right way.

4. Why not own a map?) The reason you would want a GPS over a map is simple, with a map, you do not know where you are. Maps will work during the day for the most part, just find a landmark and you’re set. The one huge issue is that when it’s dark out you will have absolutely no idea where you are, and most likely won’t figure out for a while. With a GPS, it works 24/7 day or night.

5. Fifth and Final reason) If your phone happens to break, or if it needs to be serviced, you will be without a GPS, and therefore without a way to navigate. Just use a GPS device instead of a phone, then use the phone if your GPS has to be repaired for whatever reason. Side note – GPS computers are very strong and will usually never break.
What have we learned?) We have learned that a GPS is superior to any other device capable of navigation in every situation imaginable. So in short, buy yourself a GPS and never be lost again!

Factors To Consider When Buying A Computer


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The world is now going digital and a computer has become an important tool that has come in handy to make our daily life easier. It is used in different field of work in our routine daily tasks from, students, farmers, doctors, engineers and in government organizations. A computer perform a task in a very accurate way within a very short period of time. Buying this important device can be a challenging and overwhelming experience due to the wide variety that are available in the market for you to select from especially if you are ill informed about technology. Do a good research so that you will not be duped by the techniques and marketing strategies of sellers that purpots to sell the best while in reality they sell counterfeit brands that will not last long.

Business people use a computer as a cheap, quick and easy way to market their business brands and products online and also in Stock exchange market to monitor bids. In education sector a computer is very essential to distant learners, others can get examination online like SAT, GMAT and GRE and also to train people. You can also work and manage your office work while at home using a computer, play games, download and enjoy movies and songs, calculate and manage your home budget and also to chat on various social media platforms. The medical field utilize the computer also because many daily tasks have been automated like to monitor the history of a patient and to prescribe the dosage also there are special software that can be used to provide life support systems and to analyze symptoms and diagonizes a disease.

Buying a computer is a huge investment and before you commit your hard earned money to purchase this device it is very important to put into consideration the following factors.


When you have decided to buy a computer make sure that you select the one that has a big and good storage capacity, it’s RAM should enabled you to store a lot of your personal stuff.


Different stores sell different computers at different price range, do a good window shopping and before you buy make sure you also try to bargain so that you can buy at a reasonable affordable and pocket friendly price.


There are several manufacturers out there who make different brands of computers and so it is very advisable for you to buy a computer that is made by a reputable manufacturer that has been in existence for a longer period of time and has made products that consumers are satisfied for.

4 . Warranty.

Computers are prone to experience mechanical technicalities when bought, and so purchase a computer that has a longer warranty period and if of any issue you can take to where you bought from or to the manufacturer.


Buy a computer that has a higher processor and can process raw data into information at a quick and accurate speed.

The next time you are planning to buy a computer make sure that you also put in mind the type and aspects of the tasks you will be using the computer to perform so that you can purchase a high quality device that will not hang every time you are in the middle of your job.



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